Recently, Wordpress 2.8 was released. This, & other events, prompted me to take a loot at vodex.net, as it’s been largely abandoned for some time… imagine my delight to discover the Wordpress install wasn’t even working anymore for some reason; the Livejournal post import was broken, I couldn’t log in.. it was a mess. The old version, kept behind to enable custom modifications to integrate with Livejournal / the main site / various PHP applications, didn’t help. (Security hole? I’d had the forethought to use a hidden path for Wordpress itself)

I use a lot more social media now, & have largely abandoned Livejournal, along with a lot of other people. (They could have been facebook, you know; shame they don’t expose enough data to Google to let me find that very LJ post by someone on that topic). Anyway, I’m working on converting the entire site to Wordpress’s considerably improved feature set, including various plugins for FriendFeed, Google Reader, etc. (I especially like the All-New Livejournal Importer for Wordpress, which is a much better job than WP’s original LJ import script, or my own LJ import script … except I don’t want to duplicate posts on the site, I want to link to them. Might use it for a private LJ backup tool, though).

So, watch this space. Or rather, that space…

  1. Boo for people abandoning LJ! That is NOT A GOOD THING!

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