In a previous post, I talked about migrating http://vodex.net from the hand-rolled custom scripts to Wordpress. Well, it’s taken a while longer than expected due to other priorities, but it’s done!


Current strategy is to use the site as a set of static pages rather than an actual blog as described here. Then used various plugins like PHP-exec, along with some refactoring, to get the applications, such as MailMaker, over to Wordpress-usable format. The front page is a lifestream of my various web activity, including public Facebook content when they next sort out their APIs.


1) There’s a lot of old, old content on that site, that wasn’t so obvious/exposed, and that was largely ignored in favour of Facebook/Google Reader, etc. Now it’s in Wordpress & generally more discoverable, it’s slightly embarrassing, like the RecordHash Data Object, or frankly bizarre, like Waxy Dogheads. I may well end up hiding a lot of these pages.

2) Wordpress is a great platform, it’s really matured. After the content tweaks, it’s much more suitable than the custom CMS I’d writtenmyself.

3) Ruby on Rails applications aren’t ported over, but they don’t work right now, possibly because…

4) The main driver for this was my host breaking PHP, email, and the Rails apps during some sort of systems upgrade I wasn’t notified about. I’m on a ‘development sandbox’ for just $25 a year. Time to change that I think.

5) Now that I’ve started this post, I have the urge to start recapping other areas of my life, such as the use of Kanban, going on a badly-marketed diet again, and other stuff. But Livejournal is on the slide more than ever. Shall I start blogging proper again, or am I joining in the trend of blogging dying off & using increasingly mature social media instead? Could this become my last ever LJ post? Time will tell..

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