CAIN (Computer Aided Internet Navigation) is a doctorate research project for the University of Portsmouth, which I was approached to contribute to shortly after completing my MSc (I’m not doing a doctorate – I was contracted for my technical expertise).

The research involves contextualising web search results for a web user with impairments (e.g. visually impaired or co-ordination needs). The CAIN system effectively acts as a proxy search engine, filtering the results by analysing the accessibility of the search results in the context of the user’s impairment profile.

The research was encountering difficulties in implementing the chosen approach, hence approaching me on the strength of my MSc work. Despite being only contracted for one week in November 2004, I implemented the user interface layer, the search proxy, and the data store, to collaborate with the web page parsing component that was being externally developed by a third party. The user interface layer also had to be fully compliant with accessibility standard, notably WAI-AAA status and Bobby (now called WebXACT).

I am currently unable to illustrate my work as the research has not yet been completed. Please contact me if you wish to know more about the CAIN project.

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