The TimeTable Booking Application is a full-featured web application developed for my MSc dissertation.

Whilst student dissertations are largely regarded by others as ‘learning exercises’, the T.B.A. was not only fully completed despite having only a one month window for analysis design, development, and testing, but also deployed in a production environment.

The impetus for the project came from a local school having data integrity issues with reserving computing labs – hand-drawn paper timetables were posted in the staffroom, main corridor, etc, with alterations made in pencil by staff and with new copies written every week, with predictable problems in outdated/double-booked rooms (this problem was such that many staff did not apparently even know most of the labs existed, and would just turn up the two nearest the hall with a class and hope they were empty!). An intuitive computerised version, with per-staff auditing, and viewable by pupils, was requested.

During this project, I drew on both my commercial experience and my progress during my studies; capitalising on the relatively short time-scale as opposed to being hampered by it, I employed elements of both agile and structured development methodologies. As a result, the application (implemented in object-based PHP on a LAMP stack) was highly user-centric, accessible to the wide range of computer literacy/perception of timetabling exhibited by pupils (and some teachers…)

It was enthusiastically received by both the client and the user base, and was judged to be of "excellent quality". As of June 2005, it has a userbase of several dozen staff and a viewer base of several hundred pupils.



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Timetable View

Data Entry & Validation

Use Case Diagram


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Class Diagram

Data Store Schema

Please contact me if you wish to know more about the T.B.A.

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