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Coronavirus mortgage support

As of 1 April 2021, you can no longer apply for a new payment holiday.

You can apply for an extension to your existing payment holiday provided that you’ve not received the maximum of six months and there has been no break in the support taken. Any payment holiday extension offered after this date will stop on 31 July 2021, even if you haven’t reached the maximum of six months.

Are you worried about the future?

If you know your finances are unlikely to improve and you are worried about the long-term impact of coronavirus, it's important that you get in touch with us to discuss your options.

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Is your existing mortgage payment holiday coming to an end?

Before your payment holiday ends we’ll send you a letter about the next steps.

If you’ve had a 6 month payment holiday, please refer to the letter we sent you around 3 weeks before your payments are due to restart. It’ll include the different options and how we can provide help and support.

If you’ve had less than a 6 month maximum payment holiday and you need additional support, please visit our dedicated page to find out more about your options.

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Looking for a new deal?

If your current NatWest mortgage deal is ending or you’re on Standard Variable Rate, you could switch to a better deal.

Find out more about switching your mortgage deal and get a personalised quote in just a few minutes.

Tools to help you plan

Check out our range of calculators below. They have been designed to help you better understand and manage your mortgage options.
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Overpayment calculator

Use our overpayment calculator to see how much you could save by making either extra monthly payments or paying a lump sum to your capital repayment mortgage.

Borrowing calculator

Find out how much you could borrow before you start looking for your new home.
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Mortgage rate finder

Use the mortgage rate finder to view our rates and get an indicative monthly repayment quote.

Are you a NatWest One account customer?

If you have a NatWest One account mortgage, get started by logging in below. You'll need your Global Key Code to proceed.

Thinking of borrowing more on your mortgage?

Borrow more on your mortgage

Achieve your future plans in the present

If you have a residential mortgage with us, in some circumstances, you could borrow up to 90% of the value of your home. 

  • Applications for additional borrowing are subject to LTV and must meet our current lending requirements
  • Minimum amount is £10,000
  • Minimum term 3 years - maximum term 35 years (maximum age 70)

Additional borrowing is available on a capital and interest repayment basis. You may be able to borrow more on an interest only basis, subject to criteria.

A guide to paying off your mortgage

Our mortgage repayment guide covers the different types of mortgage available, as well as things to consider if you're looking to pay off your mortgage early.

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